Magnificent seafood tapas in Barcelona next to the beach

La Barca del Salamanca/ julio 18, 2019/ Tapas Barcelona

Looking for a quality tapas in Barcelona with a very marine flavor? Your site is in La Barca del Salamanca where you can find quality tapas. A real pleasure for the senses to give you a tribute!

Choose from the many other varieties that we offer you in Tapas with seafood as protagonists: like the Galician Scallops au gratin with ham and Parmesan, beach squid, crayfish with white wine, fresh calamari of beach, Cockles from the Rías steamed, Live clams Carril, Galician Octopus, Red shrimps from Huelva with garlic, Sea urchins Gratin …

All of them in the magnificent marine environment of the Moll del Gregal in the Olympic Port of Barcelona

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